Being Mama – Two Beautiful Moms, Two Gorgeous Kids

Being Mama by Syma K. Photography, Children Photography, Family Portraits, Special Offers, What's new?

Being Mama is so much more than we can put down in words.

Here are some shots from a recent photo-shoot of a beautiful woman with her mother and kids. It was wonderful seeing the different emotions in each Mom’s eyes for each other – A Mother watching her daughter laughing with her kids; A daughter watching her Mom giggling with her grandchildren. Being Mama makes us discover and realize things we would never have otherwise, about our Moms and about ourselves.

Being Mama is to bask in the precious moments your daughter shares with her kids.

Being Mama is to relish the giggles and smiles your Mom shares with your kids.

Being Mama is to understand and appreciate your Mom in a way you never had before you had a girl.

For more on Being Mama mini photo-session by Syma K. Photography, go here and here.


5 thoughts on “Being Mama – Two Beautiful Moms, Two Gorgeous Kids

  1. To their mama: WHAT were you so worried about?! Your kids were amazing. I’m jealous. I wish my 2 kids would listen like yours so I could get even ONE photo of them together! Surprisingly, in many cases, photographers’ kids are the worst when it comes to modeling. (At least, that’s what I tell myself.) Thanks for being so patient! I’ll be in touch!

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