$35 for Spring photos AND 35% off your next photo-shoot!

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What’s the best Spring deal you have grabbed so far?

Pretty shoes? Cute purse?

Really, how long will they last for?

Get your kids’ Spring/Easter photos for only $35 (yes $35, this is not a typo) and cherish them forever. Those little ones won’t be the same by next Spring! We know how fast they are growing up.

Get 5 digital prints (digital equivalent of negatives, so you can get as many prints as you like) of your favorite shots for only $35! AND you get a coupon for 35% off your next photo-shoot with me. It can not get any better than this! Or can it? Bring/send a friend and you AND your friend get 50% off your next photo-shoot with me!*

You can bring up to 2 kids for this mini-shoot. Bring them in their fancy spring outfits or go casual, the choice is yours. The shoot will last for about 20 minutes at an outdoor location where the kids can be themselves. No fake smiles in a closed studio!

(More than 2 kids? The more the merrier! Each extra kid added to the shoot for $20 more. Time of shoot and digital prints given increase by 10 minutes and 2 prints respectively for each kid added)

Contact me now. You won’t get a chance to grab a better deal than this one! You know it! Don’t waste time.


or send me a message on Facebook


If you have any question or special requests, please ask me!

*Discount applied to regular photo-shoots not on any special or mini-sessions. Can be applied to family, children or event photography. Can not be combined with any other special offers.


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