Now you can purchase Gift certificates!


I’m very happy to announce that now you will be able to purchase these beautiful gift certificates for any kind of session I offer for the value of your choice!

gift certificate -Syma K. Photography






This one in particular is being sent by a sister to her brother and sister in law (first-time parents!) for a newborn photography session! How sweet is that!

But these would make for a wonderful shower gift from one person or a whole group of friends and family. Those cute little onesies would grow small, booties no longer fit their tiny feet but memories preserved as art from those first few days would last forever. This could make for the most thoughtful gift.

These would also make great gifts for parents with young children to use at their birthday parties! Why not let parents enjoy the party with their young ones and let me capture all the details, the laughs the candles, the cake and the excitement of the event?

The options are endless. Family session, children session, events, newborns, products, models – you can contact me with any request and I will mail out the gift certificate beautifully wrapped and with all the love you have sent to the lucky recipient.

Certificates can be purchased to the value of your choice!

You can contact me at symak(dot)photography(at)gmail(dot)com or message me on Facebook.



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