Why should you think before choosing where to order prints from | For my clients

Info for my Clients

A session- be it a newborn, family, an event or any other – takes quite a bit of an effort and time not only on the photographer’s part but also on yours.

You make sure you are dressed nicely. You get your hair done. You take time out of your day to drive up to the location. You get the kids in the right mood, noses wiped, hair combed.

You turn your heater on a sweltering 80 degrees so the baby stays comfortable during the session. You keep the siblings quiet. You feed the baby on demand during the session just to help them go back to sleep.

You make sure all the details are perfect.

I try my best to give you the best possible results, not just photos but preserved memories. I strive to make each photo into a unique work of art that you can display in your home for years to come. It takes a lot of dedication, passion, love and time. I love doing this.

But here’s what happens when these photos are printed at local drugstores.

lab prints are best | Syma K. Photography

It is my request that you order your prints from the online gallery that I provide you with. You will receive the best quality prints, the quality that you deserve, the quality that these photos deserve.

Please and thank you!

Much love,


p.s. fyi the watermark seen on the images will not be seen on the prints when you place your order.


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