Windows from around the World- Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre

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Windows - Cinque Terre

I have a thing for windows and doors and all things rustic. (Would you believe me if I told you there are actually popular hashtags for what I just wrote?)

To feed the collector in me, I aim to photograph windows from all over the world. OK, maybe that’s wishful thinking but I do hope to photograph any windows and doors that catch my fancy. (Yep, I just said that like an old grandma)





One rainy day

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Could there be anything more magical

than to sit and watch the rain

in silence,

I used to wonder.

Then one rainy day

I watched not the rain

but the awe in her eyes, her beaming face

as she stood by the door

gazing at the rain.






And all else

seemed less magical.

When Peacocks Dance . . .

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I had always heard, that when it rains peacocks dance. I had always been curious to find out if this was true.

So a few days ago on a rainy day, I took my camera to pay some peacocks a visit.

And then I waited as the beautiful creature sat there in all his majesty.


Every time he moved, I felt my heart fill with excitement, ‘He’s going to dance!’

But it kept raining, and I kept waiting with my jacket over my camera to keep it from getting wet.

I had a feeling he didn’t know about the dancing-in-the-rain-peacocks legend, and was quite close to sharing some stories with him.

Even though he enjoyed posing for the camera showing off his beautiful feathers, and came very close to breaking into a dance I’m sure, this peacock did not dance – not for this photographer, not on that rainy day.

And while I had started to doubt if he even knew how to dance, the lady with the crown made her entrance. . .

. . .and he showed me that he might not know the rain dance, but he still did know love.

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the Dying Rose

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On Valentine’s Day my husband gave me a red rose. Here’s my attempt at preserving this dying beauty.

Few things look beautiful when dying. Some do because they are dying.

Absolutely no editing/cropping has been done on the photos.


Being Dad mini photo-sessions!

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Let’s face it- Dads are so much more fun than Moms! Father’s Day is right around the corner. Have you gotten a gift for the Dads and Grand Dads in your life, yet?

Being Dad mini-sessions by Syma K. Photography can be THE perfect gift or something to give WITH the gift you already have for them.

(Check out the fun we had with the Being Mama mini-sessions here, and you will know this will make a great Father’s Day gift! I am so grateful to all the gorgeous Mamas that made the Being Mama photo-sessions beautiful. I am glad they LOVED their photos)

It takes all of only 20-30 minutes, keeping in mind the attention span of the kids (and the Dads) and the part they would love the most is that they would NOT have to give those stiff smiles – 20 minutes of pure fun and you get an online gallery of 5-10 beautiful images that you can share with friends and family, 2 or 4 fully edited, high resolution images on a CD AND a special discount for a future regular session.* It cannot get any better than this!

$50 package – Get 2 fully edited, high resolution images on CD. (5-8 images online to share with friends and family)

$75 package – Get 4 fully edited, high resolution images on CD. (6-10 images online to share with friends and family)

*When you do a mini-session now, you get $50 OFF one regular session fee on any future session.

Book your sessions ASAP! Don’t miss out on this great offer. Contact me now.



*One special offer applied at a time.


Being Mama – Hugs for little Duckling

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Happy Mother’s Day in advance to all you Mamas out there. And especially to those who will be celebrating their very first.

Here are some shots from a recent photo-shoot of one such Mama with her little cute duckling. Aren’t they gorgeous?

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Love – What boundaries, what color, what fence?

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Childhood – Children Photographer VA

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Looking up to big brother, looking out for little sister, sharing secrets and having fun with one another – that’s what childhood is all about.



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Tutus, Tiaras and Trucks

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Sugar and spice

And everything nice,

That’s what little girls are made of

Wands and heels

And trucks and wheels,

That’s what little girls are made of

Silks and Pearls

And swishes and twirls,

That’s what little girls are made of

Wonder and awe

And a thirst to learn more,

That’s what little girls are made of

(Dedicated to all those who have little girls, and those who once were little girls)

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