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Riomaggiore, Cinque terre – The Sunset

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Ever since I had seen some photos of candy colored houses perched on top of a hill by the ligurian sea, Cinque Terre had been at the top of my list of places to visit.

This past May, after a lot of persuading sessions from my dear Hubby, I was able to visit Italy. (Persuading was needed because I was leaving behind 3 kids for the first time in my life for 10 days! But that’s another story)

My sister was my travel buddy, and I couldn’t have asked for a better one. Our first stop was Rome, and I will be posting about Rome soon as well. For now, all I can say is I absolutely understand why people fall in love with the eternal city.

We hopped onto Trenitalia and had to change a few stations before getting to our home in Cinque terre – Riomaggiore. How sweet Romans are, and how they helped us throughout the way is for another blogpost as well.

Once we got to the Riomaggiore train station, my sister was still in a haze of the long train ride, I assume. Or maybe she was too focused on what to do next – how to call our host in Riomaggiore, will there be wifi available, are we getting there too late – which were all valid reasons to lose sight of, ‘We are actually here!’ for a while. So I quietly asked her to just turn around and take a look.

.Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre

And this was the view. She took this beautiful shot. I only take credit for asking her to turn around.

We found wifi, contacted our host and were soon walking through the tunnel towards our town. We both had small carry ons and one bag each. And I’m sure if you’re planning to visit this part of the world, you have heard the advice to pack light. Trust that advice! When you read about the stairs, and lots of endless stairs, trust those blogposts.

stairs to our apartment

We were lucky to have found our apartment (through airbnb – highly recommend!) right at the harbor, so this is not a lot of stairs compared to other apartments…

But once in the apartment the view from our balcony made it all worth the hike up the stairs and the long train ride.

View from apartment

Once again photo taken by my sister, I seemed to have lost my camera or senses at the time. What a breathtaking view!

We wasted no time and headed to the rocky beach to wait for sunset.

It was undoubtedly one of the most beautiful sunsets of my life.

Sunset Riomaggiore

Sunset Riomaggiore

DSC_4516-1-aSunset couple Riomaggiore

Sunset Riomaggiore

Sunset Riomaggiore

Sunset Riomaggiore

More on Riomaggiore, the other 4 towns that make up Cinque Terre and other travel stories to come soon.

the Giant and the Bird

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Ah! to soar through the winds,

to fly,

to have wings.

the Giant and the Bird

the Giant and the Bird

the Giant and the Bird

Built from concrete in 1910, the 14 meter high image of Neptune was once a symbol of the town of Monterosso al Mare on the Italian Riviera. After losing not only its trident and the seashell that it once held up high, but even its arms to allied bombing and the rough sea over the years, the Giant now stands defeated, perhaps waiting for a miracle.

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When Peacocks Dance . . .

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I had always heard, that when it rains peacocks dance. I had always been curious to find out if this was true.

So a few days ago on a rainy day, I took my camera to pay some peacocks a visit.

And then I waited as the beautiful creature sat there in all his majesty.


Every time he moved, I felt my heart fill with excitement, ‘He’s going to dance!’

But it kept raining, and I kept waiting with my jacket over my camera to keep it from getting wet.

I had a feeling he didn’t know about the dancing-in-the-rain-peacocks legend, and was quite close to sharing some stories with him.

Even though he enjoyed posing for the camera showing off his beautiful feathers, and came very close to breaking into a dance I’m sure, this peacock did not dance – not for this photographer, not on that rainy day.

And while I had started to doubt if he even knew how to dance, the lady with the crown made her entrance. . .

. . .and he showed me that he might not know the rain dance, but he still did know love.

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