Now you can purchase Gift certificates!


I’m very happy to announce that now you will be able to purchase these beautiful gift certificates for any kind of session I offer for the value of your choice!

gift certificate -Syma K. Photography






This one in particular is being sent by a sister to her brother and sister in law (first-time parents!) for a newborn photography session! How sweet is that!

But these would make for a wonderful shower gift from one person or a whole group of friends and family. Those cute little onesies would grow small, booties no longer fit their tiny feet but memories preserved as art from those first few days would last forever. This could make for the most thoughtful gift.

These would also make great gifts for parents with young children to use at their birthday parties! Why not let parents enjoy the party with their young ones and let me capture all the details, the laughs the candles, the cake and the excitement of the event?

The options are endless. Family session, children session, events, newborns, products, models – you can contact me with any request and I will mail out the gift certificate beautifully wrapped and with all the love you have sent to the lucky recipient.

Certificates can be purchased to the value of your choice!

You can contact me at symak(dot)photography(at)gmail(dot)com or message me on Facebook.



Halloween Mini-Sessions!

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When: October 26th 

Where: Burke Lake Park/Bull Run Regional Park (Tell me your preference at time of booking)

Why: To have some fun while preserving cute memories in halloween costumes! 


Price is good for TWO PERSONS so grab your costume and bring along  your significant other, your best friend or your cutie and come get your photo snapped! We’ll add touches to make the background into your own personalized pumpkin patch! And there will be candy for everyone!

So hurry up and contact me at 571-308-9101, email me at symak(dot)photography(at)gmail(dot)com or message me on Facebook to book your slot. There will be limited slots available so act fast!

halloween mini-sessions, personalized pumpkin patch

You’re invited | Event Photography

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You’re invited to a sweet french themed birthday party

party invite french themed

Welcome. Bonjour.

welcome guests with a bonjour sign

l’amour de l’art Patisserie

hanging flowers from baby jars. Patisserie menu written with chalk on black slate boards

teal rose cake for french themed party

mini fruit tarts at french party

bite sized cookies at french themed party

rose cake teal with chocolate shavings on top

Stained glass activity

stained glass activity for french themed party

Photo Booth

eiffel tower painted on big cardboard box for photo booth

young artists painting by the Eiffel Tower

art center for young art lovers at french themed party

young artists paint by the eiffel tower ;) at a french themed party                                                                                                                         

Party favors        

home made cookies

eiffel tower cookies teal french themed party

eiffel tower cookies teal french themed party

bookmarks, mini notebooks and pocket french-to-english translators

party favors french themed party

party favors at french themed party for art lovers

pocket sized french to english translator as party favor. french themed party

take home boxes for goodies from the patisserie

take home boxes for goodies from the patisserie

Merci for joining us

merci! french themed party

Sharing is appreciated, feel free to share! If you have any questions about recipes, how-to’s on anything from this party please don’t hesitate to ask. Everything at this party was made by me and my girls, and I would be happy to share what we learned along the way.

Contact me at 571-308-9101 or symak(dot)photography(at)gmail(dot)com if you have any questions or if you would like me to photograph your events. You can also message me on Syma K. Photography

$35 for Spring photos AND 35% off your next photo-shoot!

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What’s the best Spring deal you have grabbed so far?

Pretty shoes? Cute purse?

Really, how long will they last for?

Get your kids’ Spring/Easter photos for only $35 (yes $35, this is not a typo) and cherish them forever. Those little ones won’t be the same by next Spring! We know how fast they are growing up.

Get 5 digital prints (digital equivalent of negatives, so you can get as many prints as you like) of your favorite shots for only $35! AND you get a coupon for 35% off your next photo-shoot with me. It can not get any better than this! Or can it? Bring/send a friend and you AND your friend get 50% off your next photo-shoot with me!*

You can bring up to 2 kids for this mini-shoot. Bring them in their fancy spring outfits or go casual, the choice is yours. The shoot will last for about 20 minutes at an outdoor location where the kids can be themselves. No fake smiles in a closed studio!

(More than 2 kids? The more the merrier! Each extra kid added to the shoot for $20 more. Time of shoot and digital prints given increase by 10 minutes and 2 prints respectively for each kid added)

Contact me now. You won’t get a chance to grab a better deal than this one! You know it! Don’t waste time.

or send me a message on Facebook!/pages/Syma-K-Photography/10150126494230602

If you have any question or special requests, please ask me!

*Discount applied to regular photo-shoots not on any special or mini-sessions. Can be applied to family, children or event photography. Can not be combined with any other special offers.

When Peacocks Dance . . .

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I had always heard, that when it rains peacocks dance. I had always been curious to find out if this was true.

So a few days ago on a rainy day, I took my camera to pay some peacocks a visit.

And then I waited as the beautiful creature sat there in all his majesty.


Every time he moved, I felt my heart fill with excitement, ‘He’s going to dance!’

But it kept raining, and I kept waiting with my jacket over my camera to keep it from getting wet.

I had a feeling he didn’t know about the dancing-in-the-rain-peacocks legend, and was quite close to sharing some stories with him.

Even though he enjoyed posing for the camera showing off his beautiful feathers, and came very close to breaking into a dance I’m sure, this peacock did not dance – not for this photographer, not on that rainy day.

And while I had started to doubt if he even knew how to dance, the lady with the crown made her entrance. . .

. . .and he showed me that he might not know the rain dance, but he still did know love.

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