The Peacock Room and Filthy Lucre- Freer gallery of Art, D.C.

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‘I want you to walk into Filthy Lucre and catch your breath a little bit,’ hopes Darren Waterston, the man behind Filthy Lucre at the Freer Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.

And it does indeed take your breath away.

Filthy Lucre or The Peacock Room Remix is in Waterston’s words a homage of a contemporary artist to Whistler’s beautiful Peacock Room. According to Julian Raby (Director)The Peacock Room is not just a decorative model but in fact ‘freighted with emotion. What Darren Waterston has done is to take that emotional element and write it large in a whole installation.’

Filthy Lucre is here only until January 2016 and if you ask me, a must see.

Here are some photos from my recent visit. Very little or no editing has been done, the lighting in both rooms is perfect to create the respective mood in the photos.

The Painting

The Peacock Room- Freer Gallery of Art

1-c Filthy Lucre- Syma K. Photography

The Wall with Peacocks

The Peacock Room

Filthy Lucre- Syma K. Photography

The Doors

The Peacock Room

Peacock Room

Filthy Lucre- Syma K. Photography

Another Wall

Filthy Lucre- Syma K. Photography

For more information on The Peacock Room, go here.

To learn more about The Peacock Room Remix, go here.

(Special thanks to the random art lover in the first photo, who refused to get out of my frame.)